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Gospel Meeting
Ed Sanderson
Church Growth

Jesus is all the World to Me
04/21/1991 Sunday AM

Follow Me
04/21/1991 Sunday PM

Beginning of Church Growth - Follow Me *
04/22/1991 Monday PM

Church Growth - Begins in the Home *
04/23/1991 Tuesday PM

The Church - Christian Growth *
04/24/1991 Wednesday PM

Going To Work For Church Growth *
04/25/1991 Thursday PM

Church Growth - It's God's Business *
04/26/1991 Friday PM

* Seems the person doing the recoding recognized that the tapes had run out and quickly turned them over to side 2 to record the remainder of the sermons. As these sermons were copied, it was possible to combine the sermon from the first and second side of the tape. You will notice the tape ran out at about 47 minutes. So there is a gap of 8 - 10 seconds while that person managed to turn the tape over in the recorder and restart the recorder to get the remainder of the sermons. Therefore, that section of the sermons did not get recorded.