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Gospel Meeting
Homer Hailey
These tapes were recorded in 1979 and seem to have lost some of their quality. Part of the problem is that they were recorded when we were "learning" to record and sometimes we did it without removing the old sermon from the tape first. Therefore, in the "background" of some of Homer's sermons it is possible to hear other voices. Also there is a lot of noise on some recordings. I tried to "clean" these up, but I am not a professional doing this and I was only somewhat successful. However, I decided to leave them as they are since it is possible to make out a lot of what Homer is saying. I apologize for this and will work on the problem when I learn more about how to fix them.

Overview of the Bible   3/11/1979 Sunday AM class

Ephesians 1:3-15   3/11/1979 Sunday AM

Ephesians 2:1-10   3/11/1979 Sunday PM

Hebrews   3/12/1979 Monday AM

Ephesians 3   3/12/1979 Monday PM

Hebrews   3/13/1979 Tuesday AM

Ephesians   3/13/1979 Tuesday PM

Hebrews   3/14/1979 Wednesday AM

Ephesians, The Home Relationship   3/14/1979 Wednesday PM

Hebrews   3/15/1979 Thursday AM

Ephesians   3/15/1979 Thursday PM

Hebrews   3/16/1979 Friday AM

Ephesians   3/16/1979 Friday PM