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John Trokey

Some of the tapes for this series are missing which makes some of the classes incomplete.

Joel Part 1   10/20/1982 Wednesday PM class

Joel Part 2   11/10/1982 Wednesday PM class

Amos Chapter 1 & 2   12/08/1982 Wednesday PM class
Sorry, this is the only Amos class that we have

Zephaniah Class Review Questions Answered

We are missing the class handout for Zephaniah but the questions are interesting. While listening to this tape it would be worthwhile to open the book of Zephaniah and follow along with the answers to the questions.

Nahum part 1   03/23/1983 Wednesday PM class

Nahum part 2   03/30/1983 Wednesday PM class

Haggai part 1   05/18/1983 Wednesday PM class

Haggai part 2   05/25/1983 Wednesday PM class

* * * OTHER SERMONS * * *

The 7 Churches of Asia   10-18-1981

Living By Every Word of God   11-29-1982

The Great Commission
Date not recorded on the tape label, probably 1983.